About USP

Market research in the widest sense of the word is at the core of our internationally operating organisation. As we have in-depth knowledge of the different sectors, we are able to explain the market information and give our clients proper advice. This not only makes us a sound information partner but also a very interesting discussion partner.

USP is a Dutch market research and marketing consultancy firm specialised in construction, home improvement, installation sector and real estate market. 

We operate internationally and have various subsidiaries such as Arch-Vision, BouwKennis and BauInfoConsult.

Insights & Advice

The most important added value provided by USP is our market knowledge and the ability to add value through our many years experience in the sector. We know how to survey the market and are able to put these insights into perspective. 

USP does not only answer the research questions but is also able, on the basis of our market knowledge, to interpret the insights and give advice to our client. This is one of the most important USP of USP Marketing Consultancy.

Mission & Vision

Helping our customers make distinctive and substantial improvements in their performance by providing them with reliable insights and advice. USP is the leading market research and consulting firm in the European construction, installation & real estate sector. 

We are inspirational, committed and you can rely on us for your market research projects. USP employees are up for a challenge, dedicated and are seeking to grow. Together we build on a great company that attracts, develops and retains exceptional people.


USP Marketing Consultancy’s culture can perhaps best be described as no-nonsense. At USP it is all about translating your question into the right research. You will receive analysed market information but above all profound insights.  

In other words, we will show you the main conclusions from the research. What does really deserves you attention and effort? What should be further improved or changed? What are the conditions and the barriers for realising the desired changes?


As a Fair Data research company, USP puts the utmost importance in correct and safe handling of your (personal) data. We will never use the data for any other purpose than the project agreed with our client. Our staff is trained and informed to work according the data privacy guidelines and our IT Department ensures a secure environment. Given the strategic importance of the data processed, USP has assigned a Data Protection Officer to monitor that USP and her sub processors work in line with the GDPR regulations. 

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