Installatie Marketing Platform

The Installation Marketing Platform (IMP) gives marketeers in the installation sector the opportunity to gather background knowledge during six sessions each year. You could learn from your colleagues in the installation sector and you can expand your network.

The IMP is a network, in which you get relevant content, best practices and get inspired. That are some of the key aspects how you could develop yourself by taking part in this platform. 


USP Marketing Consultancy has started with the IMP in 2010, which was very logical due to the successful Bouw Marketing Platform (which is being translated as 'Construction Marketing Platform'). We have got many requests from large players in the installation sector to start a similar platform for them as well. One of the main advantages of the IMP is that you have a sparring partner, that has knowledge of the market.

How is the IMP organised?

The meetings are 6 times per year and take place at one of the companies that are member of the IMP. On each session of the IMP, there is one marketing theme that we cover. Examples of such a theme are: Chances in the renovation market, partnerships & co-makerships with the construction industry, sustainability and marketing, multi-channel strategy, BIM and content marketing & thought leadership. 

During the IMP sessions, you have several possibilities to share your view on the market and discuss these insights. On the one hand you get the opportunity to get to talk with experts about a topic and on the other hand you can discuss the same with your colleagues in the same industry. 

Program of the day

  • You get a training by the expert
  • Discuss results from a specific research from USP Marketing Consultancy
  • Presentation about the way how the guest company deals with this topic
  • Discussion time with the whole group, led by USP Marketing Consultancy
  • A dinner is included

USP Marketing Consultancy takes care that there will be a relevant expert for each topic. The participants from the IMP could be the host for the IMP. Next to that, USP Marketing Consultancy conducts various researches in the installation sector as well. 

Would you like to subscribe to the IMP or you would join this event for once? Please feel free to contact Mark de Graaf.