Keuken Marketing Platform

The platform for the kitchen marketer, with figures from the kitchen market, network meetings, and sharing your vision with sector peers. Would you like to join the KMP or more information? Please feel free to contact Reinier Zuydgeest or Geert-Jan Ariës.

USP Marketing Consultancy has been conducting the Keuken Monitor research for a number of years, asking consumers about their kitchen, equipment and parts purchases. In response to questions from the sector, USP Marketing Consultancy has established the Keuken Marketing Platform in 2018. In the KMP, strategic marketing issues are dealt with and a relationship network can be built to benchmark your own marketing policy and to share experiences.


In the USP Keuken Monitor, the entire kitchen market is mapped every six months. The aim of the research is to provide unambiguous and complete kitchen sector figures that are relevant for retailers and manufacturers of kitchens and kitchen appliances. Topics covered include market development, kitchen purchases, purchase locations, orientation and purchase plans.

Group discussion

USP Marketing Consultancy organizes a group discussion with consumers once a year, to be able to present the questions you have for your (potential) customers. A group discussion is particularly suitable for testing all your (marketing) ideas.

USP Marketing Consultancy will give a presentation for the MT of your organization about the findings that emerged from the semi-annual survey.

Strategy session

The KMP works together with Michiel Damhuis, an experienced marketer from the sector. He has worked at ATAG and Bribus, among others, and has had his own company since 2016, where he provides the kitchen sector with marketing consultancy. During a one-day session with Michiel Damhuis, he helps you to convert the figures into concrete meaning: what do you have to do on the basis of these figures? What does it mean for your (sub) market and which direction and position should you choose?

Within the KMP, USP Marketing Consultancy offers two packages:

KMP Full Member - € 7,500

When you become a Full Member of the platform, you will receive a complete report twice a year with, among other things, the market size, the number of purchases, the type and brand of products, and the purchasing channels made clear to you. USP also organizes a group discussion with consumers, you get a presentation at your location, you can participate in a knowledge session and you are welcome at a strategy session with a highly experienced marketer from the sector.

KMP Light Member - € 2,750

When you become a Light Member of the platform, you receive a short version of the report once a year. You are also welcome at the group discussion with consumers. You can also take part in the knowledge session and the strategy session at an additional cost.

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest
or Geert-Jan Ariës
+31 6 26 93 61 09LinkedIn


Learn more?
Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest
+31 6 26 93 61 09LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>
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