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5 types of electrical installers to be identified

Not all electrical installers are the same. In order for manufacturers and distributors to support installers with the right resources, it is therefore interesting to make a segmentation. USP Marketing Consultancy managed to classify installers in 5 groups, all having specific characteristics regarding topics such as innovativeness, brand loyalty, purchasing behaviour and media usage. This segmentation has been made for 7 European countries, based on 1,075 telephone interviews using a combined cluster- and factor analysis, and is presented in the European Electrical Installation Monitor.

Why segmenting?

Segmentation can be very useful for manufacturers and distributors in allocating resources within their corporate strategy towards electrical installers. Whether it is about products (innovativeness, commerciality), marketing (brand loyalty and orientation behaviour) or distribution (purchase behaviour). USP Marketing Consultancy managed to classify electrical installers in Europe into 5 groups, all having their specific characteristics. The following segments can be identified: Conservative installer, progressive installer, innovative pragmatist, innovative pragmatist and progressive installer.

How big is the group of installers you want to target?

Two things are interesting to take into account when looking at segmentation outcomes. First of all it makes manufacturers and distributors become aware of the impact a certain allocation of resources will have. Or in other words how many installers will potentially be influenced/triggered by a certain strategic action. In Europe for example the largest group proofs to be the ‘innovative pragmatists’. This group of installers is the largest in Spain, while in France there are relatively few innovative pragmatists.

How should you target a group of installers?

Secondly, by segmenting it becomes clear how resources should be allocated in order to make an impact. Looking at the ‘traditional pragmatist’ again, it becomes clear that these installers can be targeted with, and are potentially open to innovative product introductions. Furthermore, although being brand loyal, they cannot be triggered with lower prices. When trying to target them through media campaigns, traditional media still proofs to be an effective channel. Also regarding the way ‘traditional pragmatist installers’ would like to buy there products, they can be indicated traditional.


By taking into account the fact that not all installers are the same, but also that they can be classified based on critical characteristics, it becomes much easier to identify how to effectively support electrical installers in all different kinds of ways. Whether you are thinking about introducing an innovative product feature, or about the optimizing your distribution strategy, segmenting will help in arguing certain decisions. Also country difference should be taken into account in this respect.