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​European Installers are positive again

European installers report a positive turnover balance for the first time since Corona

Aside from the severe impact it had on every-day life, the pandemic has had a devastating economical effect in many a sector. The European mechanical installation sector is no exception, and reporting its developments over the past quarters sometimes felt like a never-ending tragedy of negative turnover balances and declining order books.

Consequently, when light appears after all that darkness, we want to wrap it in wonderful words and share it with the world, and that we can offer today. Based on the results of the Q2 2021 report of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Mechanical Installation Monitor, we can happily report that in all six European markets we monitor, mechanical installation companies report positive turnover balances for Q2 2021.

First positive turnover balance in Poland and the UK since the start of the pandemic

The pandemic initially affected installation companies in all countries, but after a while, it was clear that in some countries the hit was not as severe as in others. When looking at turnover development, installers in the Netherlands and Germany were not hit that hard and quickly recovered. In that context, the positive turnover balance in Q2 2021 and positive outlook for Q3 2021 shown below are not that special.

What is special is that in the countries where installation companies were hit hardest, Poland and the UK, things are finally looking up. For the first time since Q1 2020, mechanical installers reported a positive turnover balance on average in both countries, and their outlook for Q3 is very optimistic as well. Also, the negative order book developments in the UK are stabilising, and Poland even shows a strong rise in order book development.

Good news and a call to action for manufacturers and wholesalers

As things are evidently looking up in the mechanical installation sector, manufacturers of installation products and wholesalers whose customer base consists of these installers should rejoice. Installers getting busier means more demand for their products. Before opening celebratory bottles and wallowing in bliss, it is good to realise that on the one hand, the pandemic may have changed more than just turnover, and on the other hand, the world of installation is bound to return to other pressing matters in absence of COVID trouble, like increasing work pressure due to labour shortages.

Indeed, the positive development of increasing turnover and order books brings with it a changing demand for certain services from both manufacturers and wholesalers to help installers make the best of the situation at hand. These demands vary depending on local situations and developments in countries, and knowing these provides ample opportunity for manufacturers and wholesalers to serve installers’ needs which will increase customer loyalty and brand value.

That is why the Q2 2021 report of our European Mechanical Installation Monitor is focusing on services in the installation industry, Both the services installers offer to their clients, and services installers expect from their suppliers.