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Attic renovations more popular than before

In a year with renewed interest in Do-It-Yourself and home improvement, the attic has been a particularly popular area for renovations. The highest increase in home improvement activities was visible in this area, from small decorative jobs to the installation of a new roof and dormer windows, which is good news for suppliers of these products. Other growth areas were renovations in the bedroom and living room. This can be concluded from the monthly research ‘the European Home Improvement Monitor’ which is being conducted in 11 European countries.

Attic renovations more popular than before
European Home Improvement Monitor - USP Marketing Consultancy

Home office leads to changing consumer needs

The popularity of attic improvements is obviously influenced by the lockdown situation most European countries were confronted with in the past year. As more people needed to do work from home, their desires and needs for more space and a professional workplace increased. Even though the attic was not the only growth area in the residential homes, the relative increase was the highest. While people spend more time at home, their attic that might have been neglected in the past has now become more important than before.

Bedroom and living room design received more attention as well

Other areas in the residential homes that did particularly well are the bedroom and living room. Consumers were more active in improving them and spent more money on both areas. While other areas like the garden and the kitchen also benefited from the increased attention for the home, their growth was relatively limited. Assumably this is related to store closures throughout the year of garden centres and kitchen showrooms in various European countries.

The European Home Improvement Monitor latest will be published early February 2021 and will contain full insights per product category and country on the developments in 2020 related to home improvement. Results are available for all key categories in DIY.