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Media Orientation

Media usage of European general builders

In recent years, the position and influence of the general builders on the building process in several European countries has increased. This is due to various factors like BIM, prefab and the changing role of the architect. We see that many of our clients have an increased focus on the general builders. As the construction industry slowly changes, more emphasis is on pull marketing and understanding the end users better (in this case the general builders/main contractors). This is becoming more important due to the fact that manufacturers can no longer solely rely on the building merchant to push and promote new products and innovations. Furthermore, the amount of information and the ways of getting this has increased drastically over the last decade for the general builders. Understanding how to reach them effectively via marcom strategies is vital.

European Contractor Monitor H2 2019

This is why USP Marketing Consultancy started with a new multi-client research called the European contractors monitor. Twice a year we publish a report based on 1.101 successful interviews with general builders in 8 countries.

What can you expect from this report?

The full report covers all the different media sources used by the builders in general and their relative importance. This ranges from social media to trade fairs and much more. The report covers all 8 countries individually and gives an overview of the main differences between the countries. All in all, a perfect tool to further increase the effectiveness of your marcom.


<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom
or Henri Busker
+31 6 52 09 89 24LinkedIn
+31 6 26 93 61 29LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Henri Busker<br></p>

Learn more?
Please contact Henri Busker
+31 6 26 93 61 29LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Henri Busker<br></p>