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Construction outlook and Building Information Modeling

Building information modelling can be considered to be one of the key trends in the construction industry. This ongoing digitalization of the building process has been frequently covered in many trend reports and is rapidly being adopted throughout the business value chain.

Q4 2019 report of the European architectural barometer

In the Q4 2019 report of the European architectural barometer USP answers questions like: How fast is BIM actually being adopted by a key stakeholder like the architect? In how many percentage of projects is BIM being applied? What are the leading software’s used by them? And how can manufacturers capitalize on this trend? These questions, and many more, are answered in this report.

 Important features in this report:

  • Insights in 8 countries (Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the UK)
  • Results are presented on a European level and on country level
  • Report is based on solid quantitative market research. In each country 150 to 200 successful telephone interviews with architects were conducted. This leads to a high reliability of the data.
  • Report shows the long term trends regarding the BIM usage of architects (including results of 2013, 2015 and 2017).


The full report is now available for 1,750 Euro. You can order it, by clicking the shopping cart button at this page. Or contact us by mail or Phone +31-10-2066900.

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<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom
or Jeroen de Gruijl
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<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Jeroen de Gruijl</p><p></p>

Learn more?
Please contact Jeroen de Gruijl
+31 6 83 97 90 41LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Jeroen de Gruijl</p><p></p>