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Smart and energy efficient homes

Making homes smarter and more energy efficient has already been a very strong trend before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit. As the results of the impact of the coronavirus on home improvement are visible now, and the effects are not purely negative, USP decided to investigated the topic of smart home products and energy efficiency more closely again. This is why we made these topics the center of our new European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020  report, a quarterly survey in 11 European countries amongst consumers (26,400 successful interviews annually). 

European Home Improvement Monitor Q1: Smart and energy efficient homes

The European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020 focuses on orientation on home improvement products and smart home products in specific. 

Important features in this report:

  • The report is based on online interviews with consumers  
  • Insight in 11 countries


The full report is now available for 3,000 Euro. You can order it, by clicking the shopping cart button at this page. Or contact us by mail or Phone +31-10-2066900.

A selection of our clients
<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom
or Reinier Zuydgeest
+31 6 52 09 89 24LinkedIn
+31 6 26 93 61 09LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest
+31 6 26 93 61 09LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>