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The Rise Of DIFM In Home Improvement

One of the key trends in the European home improvement market is the expected shift towards more do-it-for-me jobs. There is a demographic driver contributing towards the expectations for more do-it-for-me. In the European market, there is a large demographic shift ongoing; the aging society. However, this report clearly shows that the ongoing trend towards more DIFM is slowing down or in some countries even decreasing. One important observation to make is that this is very country dependent. In some countries DIFM is increasing, but the overall picture can’t be ignored.

One of the key barriers for the growth of DIFM is the increasing labour costs. In Europe, there is a large labour shortage amongst for example contractors, installers, painters. This has lead to increasing labour costs. This increase is also partly responsible for slowing down the shift towards DIFM. Obviously, there is a trend towards more less skilled labour offered, but it doesn’t seem to combat fully the negative effect the higher labour cost has on the market. 

Q4 European Home Improvement Monitor: The rise of DIFM in home improvement

In this DIY vs DIFM report we give key insights on the trend towards DIFM and the consumer behaviour.

Important features in this report:

  • The report is based on online interviews with consumers  
  • Insight in 11 countries


The full report is now available for 3,000 Euro. You can order it, by clicking the shopping cart button at this page. Or contact us by mail or Phone +31-10-2066900.

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Learn more?
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<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest
+31 6 26 93 61 09LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Reinier Zuydgeest</p>