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Labour shortage and it’s consequences

One of the key trends in the construction and installation market is labour shortage. In many countries it’s already a real problem for the production and renovation rates of both residential and non-residential projects. This is also the case when looking at a subsegment like the mechanical installation market.

This trend obviously has very strong effects on the HVAC market dynamics. Monitoring labour shortage and the possible effects on your business is vital. This is why in the Q4 2019 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor the key research topic is labour shortage and it’s consequences.

Labour shortage is effecting the amount of projects that can be conducted by the installers. Labour shortage is also increasing the demand for prefab solutions and plug and play (easy to install products). Of course every threat can also be an opportunity. Manufacturers who can proactively help installers work more efficient or have the right support in place for them, can capitalize on this trend. This research will provide all the key insights needed in order to develop a solid strategy towards labour shortage, it’s consequences and possible opportunities.

Key research questions Q4 European Mechanical Installation Monitor:

- Current labour shortage situation
- Type of labour shortage
- Missing skills on the labour market
- Missed projects
- Ways of dealing with labour shortage
- Product and service-related solutions that could help the installers to deal with labour shortage
- Turnover and orderbook development of mechanical installers

Important features in this report:

  • The report is based on 900 successful telephone interviews with mechanical installers 
  • Insights in 6 countries (France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the UK)


The full report is available for 2,500 Euro. You can order it, by clicking the shopping cart button at this page. Or contact us by mail or Phone +31-10-2066900.

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Learn more?
Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom
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<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Ralitsa Ruseva</p>

Learn more?
Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom
+31 6 52 09 89 24LinkedIn

<p>Learn more?<br>Please contact Dirk Hoogenboom</p>