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Home Improvement Brand Health Check

Why a study towards the brand health of home improvement brands?

Brand health tracking can measure how your brand is performing on awareness and usage, brand positioning and brand performance. This research will show what aspects of the brand funnel need bolstering, whether the brand position is correctly aligned with brand objectives, and where strengths and weaknesses lie in order to improve brand investment.

In short, benchmarking your brand health index to competitor's shows areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

The Model

Why is this report interesting to you?

  1. You know your relative brand health compared to your direct competitors
  2. You know what aspects to focus on to improve your brand health
  3. You can validate any brand research that you have conducted in the past years

How is this study conducted?

USP will conduct 750 online interviews with home owners per country. USP has a fixed partnership with a panel provider in Europe who will lend us access to their database. With the selection and screening questions, we will select the right respondents. 

Conducting 750 interviews per country means that we will conduct 3,000 interviews in total. In each interview, we will measure the brand health of 6 brands, meaning we will obtain 18,000(!) brand measurements in total.

What categories are included?

  1. Construction Adhesives
  2. Boilers
  3. Ceramics
  4. Flooring
  5. Insulation
  6. Power tools
  7. Retailers
  8. Smart Home products
  9. Taps

More information? Click here to download the whitepaper