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Painter Insight Monitor

About the Painter Insight Monitor

USP’s Painter Insight Monitor provides key insights that help manufacturers and others to understand the business and behaviour of the painter. More than 2,000 phone interviews are conducted with registered professional painting companies across 10 European countries, in order to check & track the behaviour of these craftsmen.

 From 2019 onwards, various key market trends are investigated. These are some of the big topics which any marketer in the industry is working on:

  • The demand for sustainable products
  • The importance of personal health
  • The share of online buying
  • The (growing) labour shortage
  • The digital mindedness of painters
  • The expected business development for the upcoming year


Branding: performance of (non)-paint brands

This monitor also tracks the brand performance of key players in the following product categories, in terms of spontaneous awareness, usage and being ‘the most used brand’.

  • Interior wall paints
  • Exterior wall paints
  • Lacquers
  • Tapes
  • (Acrylic) sealants
  • Wall fillers
  • Sanding machines
  • Paint sprayers
  • Brushes\ rollers


Each annual edition covers a different theme topic. In 2021, this topic is a thorough segmentation analysis, as having a good segmentation is the foundation for getting marketing strategy right. Due to the rapidly ageing painter population, the importance of youngsters is growing fast, but what does a ‘young painter’ want or need? By putting a special emphasis on demo- and firmographics as well as behavioural statements, this study will provide a clear segmentation map of the different types of painters out there (incl. their total population and value), explain their needs and we will suggest to you how to target them best.

Quick overview of the research:

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