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The European Kitchen Market 2020/2021

What is the turnover of the residential kitchen market in 2020? How is this turnover distributed over the various channels? And why do kitchen buyers choose for a certain purchase channel? By subscribing on this research you will get more key insights about how this market is developing.

About the European Residential Kitchen Market

The European Kitchen Market has seen a steady growth over the last years. For the upcoming years this is also expected, due to an increase of the number of households in Europe and we clearly see an urbanization and densification of metropolitan areas. All signs thus points towards an increase in residential construction and a growing European kitchen market. 

At the same time, the market is changing. Due to digitization, e-commerce and online distribution is an ever-expanding, fast-growing industry. It is not surprising that even stores that were previously restricted to the retail trade will, in the future, sell their goods also online. Changes in the demands of the consumers are also changing the market. As consumers’ brand awareness continues to heighten, more emphasis is being placed on product design, functions, and features, while price sensitivity is falling. Medium to high-end products are becoming the mainstay of the Kitchen market, while the demand for eco-friendly and energy-efficient kitchen appliances is also growing as consumer environmental awareness increases.

The European Kitchen Market 2020/2021 brochure

Why a study on the European residential kitchen, furniture, and appliances buyer?

The residential kitchen market is thus changing under the influence of for example e-commerce and changing consumer wishes and demands. Currently, there is no report available that provide structural insights in the European kitchen market based on quantitative research. USP has extensive experience conducting quantitative research in the Dutch kitchen market and is now offering their expertise to create a European research to provide you with detailed information of the market and a better understanding of the customer journey of the consumer. This will help to develop the right strategic actions and gain market share. 


The European Kitchen Market 2020/2021 includes six main European markets (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Poland). Every two years USP will interview 1,200 buyers of complete kitchens, appliances and furniture within each country. This makes it the only quantitative report available and provides for a comprehensive scope on the European Kitchen Market.

What do you get?

•USP delivers purchase facts (number of kitchens purchased, brand shares, purchase channels)
•USP provides insights on the Customer Journey (Inspiration/ information sources, websites visited, role of the sales rep)
•USP describes the consumer experience when buying a kitchen

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