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USP Bathroom Monitor

To stay on top of your competitors, you need to get to know your customers better. Help organizations active in the Sanitary sector to find, reach and convert their target audience into customers. That is where the USP Sanitary Monitor helps.

Gain insight into the size of the total market and for specific product categories and thereby gain insight into the opportunities for your organization. That is where the USP Sanitary Monitor helps.

The entire sanitary market is charted every six months in the USP Sanitary Monitor. USP Marketing Consultancy offers insights into the number of bathrooms that are being sold, the purchasing channels used and the market shares. The Sanitary Monitor also provides insight into the prices paid by consumers and specific information at product level for 13 categories.

This study answers the following questions, among others:

  • How many bathroom renovations are now being done annually?
  • How many bathrooms are sold per year?
  • Which parts go into the bathroom and how many?
  • What is the development compared to previous years?
  • What is the average price of a sold bathroom?
  • What is my market share compared to that of my competitors?
  • How satisfied are customers with my organization?

Detailed insight at product level for:

  • Brand equity development
  • Development of customer satisfaction of the various brands (NPS)
  • Development of market shares of channels (specialist stores, hardware stores, IKEA and online
  • Do consumers prefer brands / channels / types?
  • The USP Sanitary Monitor is a study with need-to-know insights for manufacturers and retailers active in the sanitary sector.

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