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Brexits influence on installers in the UK: Number of installation activities go down and prices of European brands go up

Rotterdam, 28 September 2016

– The effects of the Brexit are still not fully clear, but installers expect moderately negative effects, for example a slight decrease in construction/installation activities and slightly diminished use of EU produced brands. However, they are mostly happy with the outcome of the Brexit vote.Effects on the economy in generalThe general consensus among installers and wholesalers in the UK is that the economy will slow down as a result from the ‘Brexit’ for a while, but then it will pick up again, stabilize and everything will be just as before. As one installer says: “I should expect it will go down for a while and then improve over the next two years or so”. The construction/installation sector is no exception to this. The majority expects no change or a slight decrease in construction/installation activities.knipsel3Effects on prices of European productsOn top of that, installers are concerned about the product prices: “[There is] quite a lot of uncertainty around prices from manufacturers abroad”. When asked about the impact of rising prices of European products on the use of these brands/products, a large share of the installers and wholesalers indicate that they will (slightly) use less brands/products that were produced in the EU. However, around half of the respondents would not let this influence their brand use at all. This is good news for the manufacturers in the EU, as a 2010 study by the Department for Business Skills and Innovation estimated that 64% of building materials in the UK were imported from the EU1.knipsel53Regret the outcome?In spite of the expected slowdown of the economy and the expected increase of prices from European manufacturers, most installers and wholesalers are neutral or happy with the outcome of the ‘Brexit’ voting. They expect the negative effects from the Brexit to be neutralized or to profit from positive effects in the end.kn9The results shown are based on a survey among British installers (193) and wholesalers (40).

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