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Changing role of the architects; the principal and the engineering companies

Rotterdam, 24th of August 2017 - The principal and engineering companies are strong influencers of the building process in Germany. The majority of the German architects (53%) mention that the principal is considered as the most important influencer of the building process. Engineering companies which are active in the construction industry (47%) and in the installation industry (36%), are second and third regarding the influence of the building process.

USP Marketing Consultancy has interviewed 1.600 architects in eight European countries in the European Architectural Barometer Q2 report on how their role will develop in the upcoming five years. The theme of the R The theme of the European Architectural Barometer Q2 report is ‘future role of the architect’.

Strong position for the principal

In almost all countries, the principal and the engineering companies have a strong position according to the architects.  There are strong differences per country. The main contractor has a strong position in the Netherlands and the UK. In Germany, this is only 12%.

Outsourcing by architects?

Approximately 53% of the German architects outsource parts of their activities, of which 48.5% of the work is outsourced to other specialized companies and 4.5% is outsourced to specified departments within the company. The architects in Poland outsource the most in Europe (84%) and the architects in France outsource the least in Europe (31%).

On an European level, calculations for construction are outsourced by architects the most. The results for Germany are in line with this. Calculations for construction (63%) are outsourced by German architects. The architects in Spain outsource the most calculations for construction (74%).