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Construction Marketing Platform

USP Marketing Consultancy is a research and consultancy firm that specializes in the construction, DIY and real estate industry. In 2003 USP set up the Construction Marketing Platform (CMP) together with Sigma Coatings. Within this, strategic marketing issues are dealt with and a network of relationships can be built up to specifically benchmark the own marketing policy and share experiences. Various USP relations indicated that they needed periodic consultation with other marketing officials, as there is often no substantive discussion partner in their own organization in the field of marketing. The aim is to structurally involve 25 leading parties from the Construction segment (supply) in the Construction Marketing Platform.

What is the Marketing Platform all about?

By means of 6 meetings per year (3:00 pm - 9:00 pm) the opportunity is created to gather background knowledge, learn practical knowledge from others, present policy issues to others and build a relationship network. On the one hand by offering training of experts on a specific theme and on the other by stimulating formal and informal consultation with colleagues from the industry. Specifically, a theme day will look like this:

  • Training by theme expert (mostly university)
  • Discussion of the results of a specific theme research by USP
  • Presentation of the way in which the host company deals with this theme
  • Group discussion led by USP
  • Dinner and informal contact

The meetings are held at the organization of participants of the Construction Marketing Platform. USP provides a relevant expert speaker per theme. Furthermore, USP conducts specific research on each theme, which will only be reported to the members of the Platform. At the end of each day USP provides a reader in which the presentations and research results are included.

Participants of the CMP host the meetings. USP provides one or more relevant expert speakers per theme. Would you like to join the BMP or attend a session without obligation? Please contact Jan-Paul Schop or Jeroen de Gruijl. You can also download the brochure here for more information.

The themes of 2021

  1. The new building (Prefab, 3D printing, augmented reality, etc.)
  2. Circularity and Sustainability
  3. Smart pull marketing / digital demand
  4. Market & Marketing Trends
  5. Online marketing & social media