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Consumer more influential on paint purchase

Traditionally about a third of the paint jobs in the residential market are outsourced to professionals. When a professional painter is involved, the influence of consumers on the brand or channel where the paint is purchased is limited. However, this year we see a change in this as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This change is driven by two factors; consumers are more often picking up the brush themselves and are searching for paint online more than before. This results in a shift in purchase channels for decorative paints. This is one of the insights from the European Home Improvement Monitor that is held on a monthly base among consumers in 11 European countries.

European Home Improvement Monitor measurement September 2020 - USP Marketing Consultancy

Growth of online channel

It is no surprise to anyone that the share of online buying has grown in the first half of this year. While people are advised to stay at home as much as possible, online ordering of products has become very common. Combining this with a peak in home improvement leads to great online sales results for paint. On a European level, the share for online channels for paint has doubled compared to 2019. Especially in the U.K., the online share for paint is high (18%).

The role of professional is becoming less important in purchase decision

In the first half of the year, consumers felt less comfortable with having professionals visiting their house for a home improvement job. Also, they were spending more time at home. This led to the fact that they more often picked up the brush themselves to do a paint job. For this reason, the share of professionals buying the paint for a residential job has decreased by 14%. Meanwhile, the share of the DIY store has dropped significantly but this has been compensated with an increase in their online sales. Ultimately, the development has resulted in a consumer being more in the lead when it comes to decision making on paint. 

The European Home Improvement Monitor latest report focuses on purchase channels and the role of online stores. The study is held on a monthly base in 11 EU countries and surveying 26,400 consumers online per year. Results are available for all key categories in DIY.