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COVID-19 impact on the European Garden Market

The European garden and landscape market was severely impacted by the virus, as COVID-19 impacted the retail in an unprecedented way. In many European countries, garden centres and DIY stores had to close their doors, meaning that it became more difficult for consumers to buy their garden products. This was especially frustrating for retailers as they had to close during the peak months of the year, March and April and knowing that the majority of their potential clients was at home with little work to do.

The impact of COVID-19 on the European garden market can be seen when looking at the penetration of people doing maintenance, replacements of renovation jobs in their garden. Based on USP multi-client researches among consumers, it is clearly visible that in February less people than normal worked in their garden and thus purchased products for the garden. This is due to shops being closed, but also fear of going to the store buy the products they need.

In some countries, the garden centres did not have to close (Sweden) or opened up relatively early (The Netherlands). This directly lead to more people working in their garden and buying the products for the job than normally would be the case. The beautiful weather and the desire of consumers to make it cosy at home as long as they are forced to sit there created this.

Penetration of consumers doing maintenance, reparation or renovation jobs in the garden

Now, in July 2020, we are moving more towards the normal penetration, as many consumers have done their (delayed) maintenance, repair or replacement jobs in the garden. However, it is not expected that in the upcoming months people will do less gardens jobs, which means that European garden market will most likely report a positive result.

USP European Garden Trend Monitor

USP has extensive experience conducting quantitative research in the European garden market and is now offering its expertise to create a European multiclient study to provide you with detailed information of the market and insights on trend developments. The European Garden Trend Monitor includes thirteen European markets, where we will interview your end customer to provide you with fact-based information on garden characteristics, your branding and current trends in the market, such as smart garden, sustainable garden, city gardening, and outdoor living. Interested? Please contact me!