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COVID is keeping painters busy

Professional painters in Europe are very busy. Due to the large amount of home renovations and the ongoing shortage of skilled professionals, painters simply cannot keep up with the workload. Any further help from manufacturers to work faster and cheaper is much appreciated. These are some of the findings of the Painter Insight Monitor 2021, conducted by USP Marketing Consultancy among professional painting companies in 10 major European markets.

Painters in the Netherlands are busiest; an average waiting time of 8.5 months

USP’s Painter Insight Monitor 2021 has been tracking the perceived labour shortage among professional painting companies for some years. In 2021, like in previous years, this labour shortage is biggest in the Netherlands and Germany. Here, 85-90% (!) of the companies indicate that there is indeed a lack of skilled labour. This is resulting in long waiting lists, especially in the Netherlands, where the average waiting time to get a paint job done is a whopping 8.5 months.  This average waiting time in the Netherlands is two times longer than in Germany, which shows that labour shortage is a bigger issue in the Netherlands than anywhere else.

For how many months will you be able to keep your current staff working?
Painter Insight Monitor 2021 - USP Marketing Consultancy

Patience is also required in every other European country

Although the Dutch situation is most extreme, the situation in other European countries is not much better. If in need of a painter, it is best to assume a minimum of 4-5 months waiting time. Especially for exterior jobs, where seasonal weather influence can mess up the overall planning, it is fair to assume that the actual waiting time might take even longer.

Manufacturers can help to work more efficiently and thus save precious time

Administration proves to be a big hurdle for painters. Too much time is lost on this and manufacturers are invited to help do this more efficiently. Also, a majority wants to improve efficiency to finish jobs faster, yet 44% has never used a paint sprayer. The accessibility and user-friendliness of such automation tools can be improved, as it will help painters to work faster and get more jobs done