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Dates of the DMP-sessions in 2018

Participants of the DMP act as hosts for the meetings. USP Marketing Consultancy provides a relevant expert speaker per theme. USP Marketing consultancy also conducts specific research on topics that are presented to the members of the Platform. Would you like to join the DMP or attend a session without obligation? Please feel free to contact Reinier Zuydgeest.

8th of March: Customer Insights

Customer insights are increasingly becoming strategic insights. The generation, analysis and interpretation of data has never been so important for an effective approach to (potential) customers. For your organization it is therefore important that you know what you are talking about.

25th of April: Group discussion for DIY and buying job products (Millennials vs. 50+)

What are the decisive criteria on which the choices are made and who makes these decisions? And where are the products ultimately purchased? Through group discussions you gain insight into the thoughts and considerations of the consumers. In this group discussion older, more experienced handymen are confronted with newcomers to show the status quo and the future of the market.

5th of July: Omnichannel Category Management Training

How do you achieve a 'seamless shopping experience'? In other words, how do you ensure an experience in which all channels connect seamlessly, whether you enter via the store, smartphone, tablet or laptop?

6th of September: Building trends

What trends are there in the professional construction sector? And how do they affect the DIY sector? A vision of the future is important for every entrepreneur, so that the right course can be determined! Therefore, trends in the other sectors need to be carefully considered in order to be successful in the DIY sector.

18th of October: Do's and Do not's with content marketing in comparison with best practices from DMP members

Content is king. What are the experiences with online content marketing? Does it work? And when when not?

12th of December: E-commerce

What are the latest developments in the field of E-commerce in the DIY sector? What challenges and opportunities does this offer the manufacturers of DIY products? And how do you ensure that E-commerce forms a right mix with the rest of the marketing?