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DIY Customer orientation; key trends & developments for 2015

The consumer orientation process has changed quite a lot in the last years.

The consumer orientation process has changed quite a lot in the last years.

The possibilities for consumers to orientate themselves before going to the store and in the store itself has grown strongly. The role of online & e-commerce plays a crucial role in this process.   Consumers are more aware of price differences and product characteristics due to the fact that they have price comparison devices (read smart phones) in their pockets. Besides showrooming, there is also a trend towards skipping the brick & mortar shops altogether.

Although the share of people who orientate and buy online only is still relatively low (10%), this is growing and could be a significant opportunity on its own.  And even though the salesperson in the shop is still the most important source of information on products, we see that Google & online stores are catching up.  

Some key facts from our latest report of the European Home Improvement Monitor (26,400 interviews annually in 11 countries) are shown above. The theme of this report is Customer orientation (Q1 2015). The figure below shows the data on a European level, the full report shows much more and on a country level as well. The data refers to home improvement purchases of 500 Euro and more.  

More information on this monitor can be found here

Besides the theme part, the full reports covers all relevant DIY trends (DIFM vs DIY, online buying, penetration, spending and so on) and dedicated product chapter.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at hoogenboom(@)