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DIY stores are still the leading online purchase point for consumers when buying home improvement products

In Europe about 7% of the home improvement purchases are bought online. In Germany and the UK this share is the highest. The online channel offers a great choice in online stores where consumers can buy their home improvement products. We asked consumers about the choices they make between online stores from manufacturers (brands), specialist webshops, websites form DIY stores and general online stores like Amazon. Overall the European consumer chose the DIY store the most often. However, in the countries in which Amazon is present, f.e. Germany and the UK, the general online store is the most popular.

Strong position General online store in Austria, Germany, Italy and the UK

More than half of the DIY consumers in Austria and Germany have purchased their last home improvement product online at a general online store. Italy and the UK follow closely regarding purchasing at the general online store. About half of the DIY consumers in Italy and the UK buy at this purchase channel when buying online. This is mainly because Amazon and eBay has a strong presence in these 4 countries.

 DIY stores dominant in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden

The position of general online stores is less dominant in other countries in Europe. About 64% of the Dutch DIY consumers has purchased a home improvement product online at the DIY store. In Belgium, Spain and Sweden this is slightly lower, but this is still the biggest purchase channels when it comes to online buying of home improvement products. General online players, like Amazon and eBay, do not have a strong position in these countries and the DIY stores could (still) take advantage of that. 


In markets in which Amazon is focussing their resources, the online market for selling home improvement products is getting “Amazoned”. This strongly affects the online market share of the large traditional DIY retail chains in these countries. Nevertheless, there are plenty of European countries on which Amazon is not really focussed or simply absent. In these markets the traditional DIY retail chains have a better opportunity to flourish. It might be a wise decision for the multi-national DIY retailers to spend their online investments in these countries and avoid the online battle with Amazon. At least for a while, they should keep in mind that their investments will be at risk once Amazon enters the market. Since they already proved to be a market changer, also in the home improvement segment.