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Dutch installers frontrunners in the usage of apps for professional purpose

Regardless of the high share of smartphone users among the HVAC installers and plumbers, the usage of apps for professional purposes still has room to grow. These are some of the results of the Q4 2018 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor with the theme ‘Media orientation and consumption’. This report is based on 900 successful interviews with HVAC installers and plumbers in six European countries.

Only 55% of the French installers have a smartphone or iPad for professional purposes.

In the majority of the countries, between 80% and 90% of the installers have either a smartphone or a tablet they can use for professional purposes. This is valid for only 55% of the French installers. Regardless of the high share of the smartphones and tablets, however, the usage of apps for professional purpose is obviously not done by all installers who have such a device. 

Highest share of app users can be found in the Netherlands. Big gap between Dutch and French installers
The Dutch installers are normally one of the frontrunners in the industry when it comes to usage of new technologies. In the case with the usage of apps they again prove to be ahead of their colleagues from other countries.

Among the German and UK installers  a high share of app users can be found also.

French installers are behind, as only 20% of all installer use apps for their work.

Manufacturers’ apps are the most popular ones

In the majority of the cases, the apps used by the installers are manufacturers’ apps. Some of the installers mention the names of the manufacturers they use. Boiler manufacturers like Viessmann, Vaillant, Bosch, Buderus, Nefit, Worcester and Remeha are the most dominant group. Names like Daikin, Mitsubishi, Grundfos and Grohe also appear among the mentioned apps used by the installers.

Next to the manufacturers’ apps,  wholesalers’ apps are also popular among the installers in some countries. In the Netherlands for example, the apps of Techische Unie and Rensa were mentioned. Other wholesalers’ apps mentioned were  Cedeo, Brossette and Richardson in France, and Facq and Van Marke in Belgium.

Whatsapp is also used for professional purposes by installers, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany.

Apps mostly used for technical product information & specifications 

In all countries except for Poland,  the installers mainly use apps for finding technical product information. Other purposes for using apps are: making calculations (UK and Poland); checking availability of products (Germany and the Netherlands); advice about products (UK and Belgium); in case of malfunctioning (the Netherlands & Belgium); troubleshooting (Poland and UK).