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E-commerce in the European Home Improvement market; which DIY products do consumers consider buying online?

The home improvement sector is become increasingly more active in ecommerce and one could even see this sector as an emerging leader in ecommerce sales.

The home improvement sector is become increasingly more active in ecommerce and one could even see this sector as an emerging leader in ecommerce sales. A good example is Home Depot, which saw its ecommerce revenues grow to almost 50% last year. Lowe’s is another good example, their ecommerce revenues grew almost 38%.

As more and more retail chains embrace an ecommerce strategy, we clearly see that a lot of  manufacturers of home improvement products are also investigating the opportunities ecommerce could provide to their businesses.

 When aiming for future E-commerce strategies in the DIY sector it is important to know what type of products consumers want to purchase online. In the Ecommerce report of the European Home Improvement Monitor we have asked, among many other things, consumers what type of products they would consider buying online. It turns out that kitchen appliances, power tools and lightning products are the top 3 categories. The categories that are hardly considered are laminate and roof windows. 

Considered online DIY products

 When asked what DIY products consumers consider purchasing online kitchen appliances is the most popular category. After that a large percentage of the respondents consider purchasing power tools like drills and sanding machines through the internet. In third place lightning tools are most considered for online purchase. There are some interesting differences to point out between countries. Polish German and Austrian consumers are most keen on purchasing kitchen appliances online while for example in the United Kingdom and Sweden power tools are most popular. In Sweden the category Smart Home products is above averagely high. 

The products that are most favoured for online purchase by European consumers have one thing in common: these are products with a serial number, a type or model name. In other words they are relatively easy to look up online. This way consumers get the opportunity to compare prices in several web shops and pick the best deal available for them at the moment. The categories that score the lowest are products that are more technical or products that you need to see in real life before purchasing. A new laminate floor will determine the whole look and feel of your living room. Consumers want to see and feel this before they purchase. Roof windows are very technical to install and often need customization and you might want professional advice then. The same principal applies to fillers more or less, how do you know which filler you need?

These findings are concluded from the latest survey of the European Home Improvement Monitor (Q4 2015 E-commerce)

 a month-to-month indicator for home improvement jobs in Europe by USP Marketing Consultancy based on 26,400 interviews per year.

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