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Electric vehicle (EV) chargers are on the rise in all markets

Electricity will play a central role in the low carbon economy. In the EU energy 2050 roadmap, a huge cut in carbon emissions is at the centre of this plan. In order to facilitate the transition from fossil fuel to electricity, installers play a critical role. These professionals should be capable and supported to install new electrical products like EV chargers, photovoltaic inverters and battery storage systems. We asked installers about the frequency they work with, and the future potential of, these products in our research, the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 2020.

Experience with installing EV chargers

Within the topic of ‘electrification’ there is a lot of attention for the automobile industry. As this industry is responsible for a large share of the carbon emissions, governments are investing in electrical alternatives. Because of this, the market for EV chargers has been on the rise for many years. The majority of installers already have experience with installing EV chargers, especially in the Netherlands. More than half of the Dutch electrical installers do this at least a few times per year, while in Poland electrical installers are mainly occupied with more traditional installation jobs.

According to the installers there is still a lot of potential in this market. Especially in the countries where the experience of the electrical installers is not that big, their expectations about the rise of the EV chargers in the next two years are enormous.

The right time for training

At the moment, the electrical installers are facing a decline in their business as a result of the pandemic. This, combined with their high expectations on the EV market, will lead to more openness to explore new opportunities related to their expertise. In other words, it seems to be a perfect moment for manufacturers to offer trainings on installing EV chargers. Installers will be more open and interested in this than ever before. By doing so, a larger capacity will be created to fulfil the future potential.

For more detailed information about electrification and the economic development of electrical installers we refer you to the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 2020.