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Electrical installers prefer training when winter has come

Following training is an efficient way for electrical installers to keep up to date with products developments, trends, and laws and regulations. As we have seen in previous articles, European electrical installers are quite fond of it, given that a pandemic could not even keep them away from training. Also, electrical installers are quite interested in receiving training and certification from manufacturers and are willing to invest precious time in such training despite their busy schedules.

For manufacturers, this seems a perfectly set stage to answer installers’ training needs, and through training and certification increase customer loyalty, brand image and brand value. However, even though installers show willingness to invest time in these trainings, time is becoming scarcer and may not always be available in the busy schedules of electrical installers, which means manufacturers need to be careful when to offer training. In previous research among HVAC installers, for instance, we found their busy schedules in autumn did not allow training in that season.

So it is worth knowing what time of year electrical installers prefer their training, which is what we asked installers from seven countries for the training-themed Q2 2021 report of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Electrical Installation Monitor.  

Winter is training time


The above shows a clear preference for training in the wintertime, at the start of the year. It has to be mentioned though that the above does not show percentages of installers who do not have any preference for a certain time of year for training. Be that as it may, even in countries where preferences seem to be less strong, like Spain or the UK for instance, it is still clear that winter is more preferred for training than other seasons.   

Summer not so much

As we have seen with HVAC installers, it is just as important to know when installers do not want training as when they do want training. Whereas HVAC installers did not like training in autumn due to a peak in their activities in that season, summer seems to be off-limits for electrical installers. Although there are differences between countries, May, June, July and August are clearly months that are not preferred by the installers for training.

The reason for this is not as clear as with the HVAC installers, who are very busy after summer because their clients want to get their systems ready and working for winter. However, one plausible reason electrical installers do not want training in the summer months is that they also need a summer holiday and that the time that is often busy to make sure jobs are done before that holiday starts.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the above clearly shows that offering training to installers will likely be more successful in winter than in summer. To increase the chances of success, even more, it is worth knowing the training preferences of electrical installers in even more detail, for which we refer you to the Q2 2021 report of USP Marketing Consultancy’s European Electrical Installation Monitor.