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European HVAC installers and plumbers order directly from manufacturers mostly via email

Email is the most common way of ordering at manufacturers. Placing orders via telephone, via the web shop on the manufacturers’ website and via sales representatives are used less by European HVAC installers and plumbers. There are some differences per country. These are some of the results of the Q3 2018 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor with the theme ‘Direct ordering from manufacturers’. This report is based on 1.002 successful interviews with HVAC installers and plumbers in six European countries.

Direct ordering at the manufacturer

While some of the manufacturers are still wondering whether to get in direct contact with their customers or not,  there are HVAC and plumbing manufacturers who already do that for a long time. In each of the 6 countries between one third  (France) and two thirds (Belgium) of the plumbers and HVAC installers indicate to be ordering certain products directly from the manufacturers. The main devices in the installation system such as boilers, air conditioning and heat pumps are often being ordered directly.

The future of Direct ordering at the manufacturer

About one fifth of the installers indicate that they expect to order more directly from manufactures in the next 3 years. This is especially the case in the Netherlands (29%) and the UK (28%). Installers who already are ordering directly, clearly more often indicate to expect that this will increase more than installers who do not order directly yet.

Email is most popular way of ordering in Belgium, Poland, the UK and France

The majority (54%) of the European HVAC installers and plumbers ordering directly from manufacturer places their orders via email. This way of ordering is the most popular in Belgium (67%), Poland (66%), the UK (60%) and France (60%). It is clear that placing orders via telephone, ordering on the web shop of the manufacturer and via sales representatives is being done less often. This varies by way of ordering and by country. One example is that only 3% of the HVAC installers in the UK order directly at manufacturers via sales representatives. This share is the lowest among all six countries.

Installers place their orders more often via telephone in Germany and the Netherlands

There is a different image when it comes to direct ordering from manufacturers in the Netherlands and in Germany. Placing orders via email is only 25% in Germany and 47% in the Netherlands. German and Dutch HVAC installers and plumbers are more likely to place their orders via telephone (38% in Germany and 24% in the Netherlands) and the web shop of the manufacturer (18% in Germany and 15% in the Netherlands). The usage of manufacturers web shops is of course highly dependent on whether such web shops exist. Some of the manufacturers like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba offer a specific web environment for registered clients. Installers buying via such web shops would probably be more brand loyal.