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European painters are buying more non-paint products online than their DIY counterparts

Professional painters purchase more non-paint products online than consumers. On average 7% of the painters uses the internet as a purchase channel for tapes, brushes, rollers and more. Furthermore a fifth of the painters (21%) is interested in buying these products online. Compared to DIY consumers , painters’ online purchase is substantial as only 3% of consumers buy these products online. Painters buy their products in higher volumes than consumers. Making the online channel more interesting when there is a substantial discount.

This outcome is part of the European non-paint monitor. In the first months of 2015 over 1600 painters from 8 key European countries have been interviewed. 

British and Polish painters even buy investment products online

In the European non-paint monitor roughly two kinds of products can be distinguished. The day-to-day products like tapes, brushes, rollers, wood repair product and wall levelling compound and more expensive investment goods like paint sprayers, sanding machines and ladders and scaffolds. By comparing these two types of products and comparing between countries, interesting results can be distinguished and put into an international perspective.

Spanish and British painters are on average significantly more interested in buying non-paint products online than their fellow painters from other European countries. The products they buy online are the less expensive, daily used products like tapes, brushes and rollers. When it comes to the more expensive products the Polish painters are open to purchasing online. Especially ladders and scaffolds (27%) and paint sprayers (35%) are products that are frequently bought. Less than in Poland, but still more than in the other countries, British painters go online to buy their paint sprayers (23%) and sanding machines (20%). 

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