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Generational change of painters calls for a change in marketing strategies

In the overall European market, a growing quantitative and qualitative labour shortage is increasing the workload of professional painters. Demographic details show that roughly one third of the European painters is currently over 55 years of age, meaning that they will retire and leave the market in the next decade or so, thereby increasing the already substantial labour shortage. In the UK, where 60% of the painters are currently 55 years or older, this development is expected to hit hardest.

Media usage

Aside from the effect on labour shortage, this demographic trend will have major consequences for the effectiveness of communication channels used by manufacturers and brands to reach professional painters, as usage of certain media channels is often age related. To be able to anticipate these developments, we focused on media usage and online orientation and buying behaviour of professional painters from eight European countries in the 2019 Painter Insight Monitor.

Online sources

When focusing on online sources used, for instance, major generational differences can be seen. Of the painters that are over 55 years of age, less than half ever use online sources, whereas more than two thirds of the younger generation of professional painters report to use online sources for information and inspiration. 

Country specific

Country-specific results support this image of generational differences in the use of online sources. In Spain and Poland, for instance, online sources are being used more than in other countries, while the average age of painters in Spain and Poland is lower than in other countries as well. Similarly, the usefulness of online information and the importance of internet for business is rated highest by Spanish and Polish painters.

Online marketing strategies

Since it can be expected that the older generation of painters, who now have a substantial share in the painter population and are often in decision making positions, will retire in the next decade or so, information on the differences in use of media channels between age groups is invaluable for future marketing strategies. As the younger age group will grow larger in absolute numbers, and will slowly but steadily take over decision making positions from the retiring older generation, these results show that online marketing strategies will grow in importance.

Painter Insight Monitor 2019

Given these trends and the unavoidable progression of time, manufacturers and brands best act today and adjust marketing efforts to cater for the market of tomorrow. For more detailed information of the usage of media channels and online orientation and buying behaviour of professional painters from eight European countries, we refer you to the 2019 Painter Insight Monitor.