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Higher income households purchase garden products more often online

Since 2014 USP has been measuring consumer purchasing behavior in 11 European countries for a variety of products. This also applies to garden products.

The share of products bought online is increasing every year. The products for DIY and the garden are no exception. But when looking at income and the effect on online purchases, a clear picture is visible. The higher the household income, the more often garden products are bought online. The explanation for this is that households with a high income more often have a (good) smartphone, with which they can easily shop online. They will also buy products more often in the first place and therefore have more confidence in the online channel.

Online purchase garden Europe

But not only in terms of purchase, the higher incomes can be found online more often, also when orientating it is the higher incomes that can be found online more often. It is also striking that for garden tiles, online orientation is less common, which is immediately reflected in the share of online purchases.

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