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How do you become a leading European brand in construction?

The leading brands in construction are well-known brands. However, having strong brand awareness does not necessarily make that brand a leader in the industry. What makes a brand a leader? What do the leading brands have in common? Leading brands excel in their product category across multiple countries and position themselves as the top brand for that category. Leading brands, however, go beyond their category. The strategy of leading brands focuses on claiming one specific topic in the industry. “A healthy environment”, “Sustainable solutions”, “Energy efficiency” – these are all examples of language used to communicate about key topics and challenges for the coming years.

The top brands choose a topic that best fits their brand image, which they carefully craft and monitor. The best way to assess the industry’s perception of your brand is through a brand study. This type of research helps brands to increase long term profitability by introducing, maintaining or growing a brand in the market. The European Architectural Barometer “Brand Health Scan” report Q3 2020 gives insights in the position of brands in several different product groups and provides insights in key characteristics that make brands preferred, according to architects. 

Leading brands are multi-national brands

The brands that were named by architects as the leading industry brands, are manufacturers that hold a strong position in their product category on a European level. All brands in the top 5 were mentioned often in many different countries. Furthermore, these brands are dominant in their product category in most of these countries. 

European Architectural Barometer Q3 2020 - USP Marketing Consultancy

Leading brands position themselves as a full solution provider on important themes 

  The positioning of a full solution provider on socially relevant themes is a key strategic element of a leading brand’s marketing strategy. Brands position themselves clearly by communicating that their product portfolio contributes to a healthier, more safe and more sustainable (way of) building and indoor-climate for the occupant. This positioning is not only appealing to the end-user of the building, but also touches on bigger themes and the challenges that the construction industry faces: meeting the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement.  

Sustainability remains a key topic for architects

Appealing to these themes is exactly what architects find important. When the basic hygiene factors such as price-quality ratio, availability of technical information and offering relevant services are met, architects find look for other, distinguishing factors. A key factor in becoming a preferred – and thus leading – brand for architects is by focusing on and communicating about the development of developing sustainable and innovative products. It is therefore important to measure the effect of the brand strategy by performing a branding study. 

European Architectural Barometer Q3 2020 - USP Marketing Consultancy

About the Q3 2020 Brand Health Scan

The Q3 2020 report is focusing on the brand strength (spontaneous brand awareness and brand preference) in several product categories. Categories that are included and that were included are