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How influential is the European HVAC installer when it comes to brand and product choice?

HVAC systems have become more and more complex in the last years.

HVAC systems have become more and more complex in the last years. But does it mean that due to this complexity the role of the installer in the decision making process is changing? How much influence does the installer have on brand or product choice? Does this differ per product category and building segment (residential vs. non residential and so on)?

These are questions which USP Marketing Consultancy often receives, so we decided to investigate this in the Q4 2015 edition of the European Installation Monitor (6 countries, 4,800 successful interviews with HVAC installers annually).

It appears that the European installer in general does not think their role in the DMU process is changing a lot due to more complex installations. However, they do see that role of the planner and consultant is getting more important. Furthermore, installers like to work with a brand which they are familiar with. They feel more confident that they can make the installation work properly this way. This means that they are quite brand loyal and in general the percentage of the installers that is open to HVAC products from China is very low (especially in Germany).

In the picture above, you will find an overview of some of the results for the Netherlands. The full report covers all 6 countries and much more detailed/in depth information. A bigger image can be found here

Furthermore, the DMU field regarding product and brand choice (in general) is quite homogeneous. The party with the biggest role is the Principal/Developer. The only exception being the small residential projects where the end user has the biggest role. The question remains on which products the HVAC installer has the most influence and how the influence of the other parties in the decision process have.

The full report covers all these topics. Besides the theme part, the report also provides valuable insights on the economical development at the European installers (how are they doing in terms of order book & turnover development) and what is the profile of the installers in the different countries (how big are they and what are their core activities).

In case of any questions , please feel free to contact me at Hoogenboom(at)