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HVAC installers: 4 main types that need different approaches

Rotterdam, 23 June 2016 – In order to focus the company strategy of manufacturers and distributors, and not waste valuable resources by targeting the wrong installers, it is wise to differentiate between several segments of HVAC installers. The Q1 2016 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor shows that there are 4 main segments to be taken into account. These are described below. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation and plumbing companies in 6 European countries.

Segmentation of clients can be very helpful in allocating resources (product development, marketing, service and delivery programs) to the group where it will have the best results. By identifying groups with certain characteristics, a strategy can be developed that is tailored to that group. For example, price discounts are not very successful for people that value high-end brands and are focused on quality and innovations. However, sending these people a newsletter when new, innovative products are available will probably have a more positive effect. This logic is not only applicable to consumers, but also in the B2B market. USP has made a segmentation specifically of HVAC installers.

Types of HVAC installers

In order to discover the types of installers in Europe, the respondents of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor were asked how much they agreed with several statements. Then, using factor analysis and cluster analysis, following segments 4 main groups of installers were discovered:

On average, large companies and young installers belong to the group of digital installers most often, while small companies and old installers are often conservative process focused installers. The progressive installers and the conservative price focused installers are the most brand loyal installers.

Strategies for different segments

For the ‘digital installer’ it is wise to make sure that you facilitate this type of installer with digital/ online services such as web sites/ web shops (applicable for desk tops/ laptops, as wells as tablets and smart phones), apps etc. Regarding the ‘progressive installer’ it is important that you trigger this group as early as possible with new products and innovations. This groups can also be seen as ‘early adopters’ and might set a trend in the installation sector so that eventually more and more installers will adopt your products. But also the ‘open minded price focused installer’ is an interesting segment for promoting new products and innovations (despite the fact that they will be more sensitive to prices). Regarding the ‘conservative price focused installer’ attractive/ low prices are the best weapon in approaching, so (pro)actively promote actions and discounts to this group.

Installer segments in Europe

On average, the groups of digital installers and open minded price focused installers are the largest. However, the dispersion differs per country, as can be seen below.

While the digital installer dominates the U.K., Germany and the Netherlands, The open minds price focused installer is most prevalent in France, Belgium and Poland. Germany also has many progressive installers. The conservative price focused installers make up the smallest group in Europe. This information is very valuable for manufacturers and distributors of HVAC products for professionals. By combining the distribution of the segments in a country with the actual number of HVAC installers/ plumbers in a country, we can give insights into the actual sizes of the segments in a country.