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HVAC installers; Professional social media usage

For most of us, social media has become a day-to-day fact in our lives.

For most of us, social media has become a day-to-day fact in our lives. Facebook now has over 1,8 billion users, YouTube & WhatsApp have over a billion users as well. To put this into perspective, of the roughly 7,5 Billion people on earth, 3,8 billion use the internet. Of that group, the majority uses social media (2,8 billion).

These are all facts that can easily be found on the internet. But what about professional usage of social media (in a B2B environment)? My personal theory is that, as consumers are using more and more social media in their day-to-day lives, professional use will follow.

Obviously, less information can be found on professional use of social media. This becomes even more so, when we zoom in on a specific target group like HVAC installers & plumbers. This is the reason why we decided to investigate this every other year in the European Installation Monitor (a quarterly research by phone amongst 1,200 HVAC installers in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and France).

I wanted to share some interesting insights from the media usage and orientation report with you, evenmore so with the ISH tradeshow on our doorsteps. The full report covers all types of media usage (traditional, personal, new and social media) I wanted to zoom in on professional social media usage of the HVAC installers.

In the image above you see the percentage of Installers that professionally use Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook (full report covers all social media outlets). What becomes clear right away are the big differences per country. The UK and the Netherlands are clear frontrunners when it comes to professional social media usage. More than half of the installers in the UK use social media professionally (58%) and in the Netherlands just over of two third of installers use social media professionally.  

The contrast with a country like Germany is huge. In Germany three quarters of the HAVC installers don’t use social media professionally. In France, Poland and Belgium about half of the Installers don’t use social media professionally.

Further differences can be found in the types of social media being used. In the UK and the Netherlands LinkedIn and Facebook score really high, in the other countries Google+ scores the highest (Germany being the exception in not scoring very high in any of the different social media).

Also interesting to note is that in the UK and the Netherlands YouTube scores quite high as well, with around a fifth of installers using this professionally. In other countries this percentage is in single digits.

 As said, the full report covers many more media outlets and the differences there are big differences per country there as well. For example, the German HVAC installers use the most traditional printed document files, almost 20% more than their Belgium counterparts.