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HVAC jobs are outsourced by consumers the most

The large majority (65%) of HVAC home improvement jobs is being outsourced to professionals. Only around 35% of European consumers did such a job themselves. This is the lowest share of DIY of all product categories measured in the European home improvement monitor. As a consequence, the majority of the brand choices are influenced or made by the professional. However, a significant of the consumers did orientate themselves online before engaging in a HVAC job (DIY or Do-It-For-Me). In the European Home Improvement Monitor, USP Marketing Consultancy asked more than 2,500 consumers in eleven countries about their conducted home improvement jobs in which a HVAC product was involved. The results of this article are based on the European Home Improvement Monitor Q4 2017 report, with the theme ‘Multi-year developments’.

Do-It-Yourself versus Do-It-For-Me

In the European home improvement market HVAC products like boilers, ventilation, air conditioning and thermostats are in most cases installed by professionals. Consumers seem to think installing a HVAC product is too complex for doing the job themselves or national rules and regulations prohibited them to install products themselves. 

Especially in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, HVAC products are most often installed by professionals instead of by consumers themselves. This also depends on the mix of HVAC products that are purchased in each country. In the three mentioned countries boilers are the most purchased product within the HVAC category.

But not only the mix of products is determining the share of DIY, but also cultural aspects. For example, the share of Do-It-For-Me is the lowest in Poland. This correlates with the fact that the share of DIY in all home improvement jobs in Poland is one of the highest in Europe (72%).

Decision makers

The influence of the professional is the highest in the product category of HVAC products compared to any other product category measured in the European home improvement monitor. In many countries, at least 40% of the home improvement jobs in which an HVAC product was installed, the professional was decisive on which product and brand to use. This share is the highest in Belgium and the UK (about 54%). Again in Poland the consumers seem to be more involved. In Poland 75% of the consumers decided on brand and product choice when it comes to HVAC products. 

Online orientation

European consumers who are about to conduct a HVAC job (DIY or DIFM) do orientate themselves often. Two third of the consumers in Germany and Poland orientate themselves online. The most likely reason for this high online orientation is probably the technical aspects of HVAC products and the price of the products, which is relatively high for a home improvement product. In Belgium the consumers orientate themselves online the least. Only 40% is orientating themselves online on HVAC products before purchasing them.


From all product categories measured in the European Home Improvement Monitor, it’s clear that HVAC jobs are outsourced to professionals the most. This is not surprising due to the higher skill level required from consumers to do these types of jobs themselves. Furthermore, rules and regulations in some counties are a further barrier for consumer to do these jobs themselves. However, online orientation is quite high in some countries and with the expected labour shortage of installation companies, there is potential for more DIY HVAC jobs (labour costs are increasing and consumers do need to wait quite long before a professional is available). However, this requires more easy to install and plug and play solutions.