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Installers in a digital era: 4 insights into the online world of installers

Do installers have a website? Do they sell products and find jobs online?

Rotterdam, 11 February 2016 – The trend that more and more installers order their products online and have them delivered has been signalled long ago. However, do installers themselves also sell products online? Do they use other ways to generate turnover through the internet? These questions are answered below and in the latest Q3 2015 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation and plumbing companies in 6 European countries.Insight 1: Two third of the European installers have a websiteMore than three quarter of the Dutch installers have a website (77%), while France lags behind with 50%. This is in line with earlier studies, in which it became clear that the Netherlands is leading on the field of using the internet and France is one of the (last) followers. In the other countries (UK, Germany, Poland and Belgium), around 65% of the installers have a website. The bigger companies more often have a website than smaller companies.EIM1102Insight 2: Almost no installers have an own web shop on their websiteAlthough the majority of the installers have a website, almost no-one has a web shop via which consumers can buy products and materials. Only 1% to 4% of the installers have a web shop, again with the Netherlands leading (with 4%) and France lagging behind (with 1%). This can be explained by the fact that the core business of installation companies is performing installation activities, not selling products. If products are sold, it is just a minor side activity. The products that are sold most often through a web shop are boilers and water heaters, air conditioning and sanitary ware.Insight 3: This picture is not likely to change in the near futureThe majority of installers expect the number of installers with a web shop to remain stable or they have no idea in which direction it is going. Around 20% to 33% expects a growth in web shops among installers. This indicates that there is no clear view on the number of installation companies having a web shop. This may have to do with the fact that overall web shops are rare in all countries, thus little attention is paid to it anyway. And given the fact that there are still installers without a website (one third) it seems that the focus of the manufacturers could be on assisting the installers in promoting services via the internet and building a website.Insight 4: Job websites can provide a substantial amount of turnover for installersDoes this mean that installers generate all their turnover without help of the internet? No, besides having a website of their own, installers can also find jobs on job websites. Around 10% of the installers use services offered online via websites where end consumers or companies can place installation jobs. In this case Germany is the country lagging behind with only 3%, while in the UK the percentage is 13%. In France, Poland and the Netherlands 12% of the installers uses such a job website, in Belgium this is 9% of the installers. If installers use such a job website, these type of jobs generate a substantial amount of turnover: from 9% (Germany) to 21% (UK) of the total turnover. It is worth to mention that 13% of the installers who have their own website will also be proactive and offer their services via websites such as (France), (he Netherlands) or (Germany), while installers without online presence (no own website) are less proactive in using those websites as an alternative incomes generator (4.7%). More details and other insights can be found in the European Mechanical Installation Monitor Q3 2015 with the theme ‘Purchase Channels’.For more information please contact :USP Marketing Consultancy, Business Unit Do-it-Yourself & Installation Ralitsa Ruseva, International Project Manager T: +31(0)10-2066900 E: