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Installers in the UK are still doing well. The installation sectors in France, Poland and Belgium are recovering

Rotterdam, 22 January 2016 – Installers in the UK and the Netherlands are still doing well. Many saw increase in turnover in Q3 2015 and order books remained full. Installers in Germany and Belgium also saw increase in turnover and expectations for the future are positive as well. However, German order books are filled for even shorter time than in previous quarters. Polish installers are recovering from some bad quarters and French installers’ luck is turning as well. These are some of the results from the Q3 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation companies in 6 European countries.UK: no slowing down in the systematic growthLike in previous quarters, more installers notice an increase in turnover than a decrease in Q3 2015, compared to a year before. Expectations for Q4 2015 are similar. Only 6% of the installers expects a decrease in the turnover of Q4 2015 when compared to the turnover of Q4 2014, while 51% expects an increase. Order books show a similar positive sentiment. The installers from the UK have enough assignments to fill 6,9 months on average, the longest order books of all investigated countries and the longest since measurements began. It appears that the UK installers do not have to worry about a shortage of orders any time soon.Germany: decrease in order books, but positive expectations for the futureOrder books of German installers have decreased from an already small 4,0 months to 3,3 months. In spite of this apparent lack of orders, a larger group of installers indicate an increase in turnover of Q3 (2015 compared to 2014) than a decrease and expectations for the next quarter are even more positive. A share of 36% of the installers expect Q4 2015 to generate more turnover than Q4 2014, while only 5% expects a slowdown in turnover. However, expectations for Q3 2015 were too positive when compared to the results, so German installers should not get ahead of themselves.The Netherlands: many installers experience growth in turnover and order booksIn line with expectations about Q3 2015, more installers have seen an increase in turnover than a decrease, but this balance is less positive than in Q2 2015. This is not surprising, as Q3 2014 indicated the start of improvements for installers with many installers seeing an increase in turnover. Order books have shrunken a little, to 4.3 months. Expectations for Q4 2015 are however more positive again.

France: tables are turning for French installers, but very slowly

The slowdown in turnover is finally stabilizing. Although there are still more French installers that see a decrease than an increase in turnover, this percentage is lower than in previous quarters and expectations about Q4 2015 are moderately positive. There is still a lot to be done however, as order books remain small with 3.9 months. Of all countries investigated, France installers are experiencing the most difficulties with retaining and gaining turnover. When it comes to the order books, only German installers have shorter order books.Poland: future looks positive with an increase in turnover and order booksAfter a setback in Q2 2015, Q3 made installers more optimistic. More installers saw an increase in their turnover than a decrease and when a decrease was noticed, it was less severe than in previous quarters. Expectations for Q4 2015 are also positive and with order books filled for 6.1 months, this increase in turnover seems very plausible.Belgium: recovery of turnover carries throughThe recovery that we saw in Q2 2015 carries through in Q3. Again, a larger share of installers saw an increase in turnover than a decrease as compared to a year before, even more than in Q2 2015. Expectations for Q4 2015 are positive as well. Order books are filled for 4.9 months, which is slightly more than in Q2 2015 when it they were filled for 4.7 months.installers22012For more information please contact :USP Marketing Consultancy, Business Unit Home Improvement & Installation Ralitsa Ruseva, International project manager T: +3110-2066900 E: