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Installers want manufacturers to help them work faster

Nowadays, manufacturers and suppliers of electrical installation products do not only sell their products but also offer a wide variety of services. In our quarterly research, we asked the installation companies what type of services they need and which ones they value the most. We found out that the key services for installers are related to finishing their jobs faster. Manufacturers can earn their loyalty by offering these kind of services. This is just one of the findings of the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q3 report, conducted by USP Marketing Consultancy among installers in 7 major European markets.

Installers want manufacturers to help them work faster
European Electrical Installation Monitor Q3 2020 – Results for Germany - USP Marketing Consultancy

Wide variety of services being offered to installers

Looking at the services that are offered to installers, we can group them into four categories; commercial services, engineering, product & installations, and repair and maintenance. In the graph above you can see the results for Germany. The two services that are most interesting for the German electrical installers are tools for checking product availability and spare parts express service. Both these services are related to working more efficiently and finishing jobs as soon as possible. Also, in the other studied countries (Belgium, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK), we see these services are among those that installation companies are most interested in. Another service that stood out in most countries was real-time installation support, which simply means to be available to communicate whenever problems occur on the job.

Leasing option is not a must for the installers

Not all services that are offered are of interest to the installers. The need for leasing tools or products instead of buying them is not that high. However, there are differences per country and company size. The bigger companies seem to be a bit more interested in leasing options than the smaller ones. Furthermore, in most countries the installers’ interest in BIM support services is limited. This can be explained by the fact that a large part of the installers does not use BIM. In countries where BIM is being used more often, like the Netherlands, the interest for it is higher than in the other countries. Also, the larger companies are more likely to work with BIM and therefore are more interested in BIM support as well. 

For more detailed information on a country level and by company size, we refer you to the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q3 2020.