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Is the role of the HVAC installer changing when it comes to the decision making process?

In the last decade, we have seen an increase in the impacts of technology on the construction sector.

In the last decade, we have seen an increase in the impacts of technology on the construction sector. However, these changes can be seen as a slow, continues development. More evolutionary than disruptive.

When comparing the construction industry with for example the automotive industry,  it’s clear to see that the developments there went much faster.  The construction industry hasn’t changed that much since the Empire state building was constructed, but the automotive industry has changed drastically since the first model T ford rolled of the assembly line.

That being said, there are some trends that will have a significant impact on the construction industry.  They include, amongst others, direct technological impacts and changes in the way the construction industry is organized.

This will also mean that the role of the different actors in the construction industry could change as well. We already see architects losing influence in some areas and contractors & engineering companies gaining influence. There are multiple reasons for this, but an important one is the fact that buildings are getting more and more complex. This is also true for the HVAC installation of buildings, which brings us to the subject of today’s post.

As already noted, HVAC installations are getting more and more complex (Because of more critical clients and (end) users, regulations with respect to the environment / durability / energy efficiency  and so on). As a result of this, the roles of different parties in the decision making process are shifting. But how much will this development effect the role of the HVAC installer?

Complex installations often need multiple calculations to be made in order to make sure that the installation will operate properly according to the prescribed requirements. Mainly in the (early) design phase of the project, the knowledge and skills of planners / consultants is used more often.  Most installers (in France, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium)  acknowledging this development.

This development does not mean that the role of the installer is decreasing.  As can be seen , that the installers in the Netherlands and Belgium don’t think that their role is decreasing due to this development.

As we see more and more complex installations, more parties are getting involved. For now,  installers perceive that they are not losing influence yet, but they do acknowledge that more parties get involved.

This does however increase the complexity of the decision making process and future shifts in influence on this process can be expected.

These are some conclusions of the Q4 2015 edition of the European Installation Monitor (6 countries, 4,800 successful interviews with HVAC installers annually).

In case of any questions , please feel free to contact me at Hoogenboom(at)