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Large differences in turnover and order book development of the installers in the different European countries.

UK and the Netherlands are doing well, but Poland and France are still struggling.

Rotterdam, 14 October 2015 – Installers in the UK and the Netherlands are doing well. In Q2 2015 many saw increases in turnover and order books remain full. Installers in Germany and Belgium also saw increases in turnover and expectations for the future are positive as well. German order books are filled for the shortest amount of time when compared to other countries, but this is still an improvement when compared to previous quarters in Germany. Poland and France still show a negative development. These are some of the results from the Q2 report of the European Mechanical Installation Monitor. The survey is conducted on quarterly basis among 1,200 HVAC installation companies in 6 European countries.

UK: strong systematic growth in terms of turnover and filled order books

More installers notice an increase in turnover than a decrease, compared to a year before. This has been the case since the beginning of measurements (start 2014). Despite a small dent in this amount in Q1 2015, Q2 2015 showed a very positive development again and expectations for Q3 2015 are also very positive. Only 8% of the installers expects a decrease in the turnover of Q3 2015 when compared to the turnover of Q3 2014, while 51% expects an increase. Order books show a similar positive sentiment. The installers from the UK have enough assignments to fill 5,9 months on average, the longest of all investigated countries.

Germany: short order books, but positive developments in turnover

Although a larger group of installers indicate an increase in turnover of Q2 (2015 compared to 2014) than a decrease, the amount of work in the order book remains relatively small, i.e. 4.0 months. However, compared to previous quarters in Germany, the amount of work in order books has grown. Expectations for the future remain positive as well, as 43% of the installers expect Q3 2015 to generate more turnover than Q3 2014, while only 6% expects a slowdown in turnover. The growth in turnover combined with the short order books  may indicate that at this moment German installers are heavily focussing on the short term. It is important for them however to also ensure assignments on the long term.

France: very difficult times for installers

French installers keep seeing a slowdown in turnover when they compare it to a year before. In Q2 2015, 31% of the installers noticed a decrease in turnover when compared to a year before and only 18% noticed an increase. Expectations for Q3 2015 are slightly more positive, but still only 17% expects an increase in turnover, compared to 19% who expect a decrease. The order books of French installers are filled for 4.1 months on average. This is the second shortest order book of the six countries.

Poland: turnover and order books decrease

The situation for Poland somewhat worsened during the past year. Order books remain filled for approximately 5 months, although this has gone down to 4.8 months in Q2 2015. Turnover shows a more negative picture, as the amount of installers who see a decrease in turnover (30% in Q2 2015) has been growing as opposed to the group who noticed an increase (22% in Q2 2015). Expectations for Q3 2015 are more positive though, as only 20% expects a decrease while 24% expects an increase in turnover compared to Q3 2014.

Belgium: recovery of turnover

Although in Q1 2015, there were relatively many Belgian installers who saw a decrease in turnover as compared to a year before, this percentage has dropped again in Q2 2015. More installers saw an increase in turnover than a decrease, painting a positive picture for Belgium. Expectations for Q3 2015 are positive as well. The amount of work in the order books is average with 4.7 months, while this was 5.1 months in Q1 2015.

The Netherlands: many installers experience growth in turnover and order books

A staggering 54% of the installers in the Netherlands experienced an increase in turnover in Q2 2015 (compared to Q2 2014), whereas only 7% experienced a decrease. This is in line with the previous quarters, that also showed a very positive development in the Netherlands. Q3 2014 indicated the start of improvements for installers, so it does not come as a surprise that somewhat less installers expect a growth in turnover in Q3 2015 (compared to Q3 2014), then in Q2 2015 (as compared to Q2 2014). Order books are filled for 4.6 months on average. This amount has been relatively stable since Q4 2014.

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