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Loyalty towards wholesale main barrier for buying direct at manufacturer

Almost half of the European installers in some degree buy direct at manufacturers. Price proofs to be the main driver in each country, while loyalty towards the wholesale channel is an important barrier to do so. In the latest edition of the European Electrical Installation Monitor, available now, USP Marketing Consultancy provides full insights in the (future) usage of, and attitude of electrical installers towards buying directly from manufacturers. The research, covering 7 European countries (Germany, France, UK, Spain, Poland, The Netherlands and Belgium) is based on 1.075 telephone interviews with electrical installers.

Installers buy direct from manufacturers mainly because of price

In all European countries, electrical installers mention a better price and better offer to be the most important reasons to buy directly at manufacturers.

Looking at the barriers for buying directly at the manufacture, there are differences per country. In the U.K., Belgium and The Netherlands, slow/inflexible delivery is the most important barrier. In Germany, Poland and Spain a different barrier prevails, namely the fact that it is often not possible to buy direct, due to the three way distribution approach in which the wholesaler has a significant role. Furthermore, in France better wholesaler prices/offers are the main threat.

Installers NOT buying direct from manufacturers mention loyalty to wholesaler

Loyalty towards the wholesaler appears to be the most important reason for electrical installers NOT to buy direct from manufacturers. Nevertheless, these installers do perceive better prices/offers to be a potential advantage of ordering directly from manufacturers.