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Marketing Platform Consumer 2021

Do you want fact-driven figures about the market? Want to know market and marketing trends early? Networking with senior marketers from the sector? Then join the Marketing Platform Consumer 2021. The knowledge platform for B2C marketing, in which leading marketers in the sector have come together since 2012 to network, share knowledge, for inspiration and innovation.

What are the sessions about?

The meetings take place six times a year at one of the member companies. A current marketing theme is central to every meeting. Examples are: Omnichannel strategy, E-commerce, Content Marketing, future of the market, Branding, Neuromarketing, Customer Journey, the online consumer and much more.

During the meetings the opportunity is created to gather background knowledge, to learn practical knowledge from others, to present policy issues to others and to build a network of relations. On the one hand by offering training of experts on a specific theme and on the other by stimulating formal and informal consultation with colleagues from the industry.

In concrete terms, the program (afternoon and evening) is as follows:

  • Training / lecture by theme expert
  • Discussion of the results of a specific theme research by USP
  • Presentations of the members how they deal with the theme
  • Dinner and informal contact

Participants of the MPC act as host for the meetings. USP provides one or more relevant expert speakers per theme. Would you like to join the MPC or attend a session without any obligation? Please contact Geert-Jan Ariës or Reinier Zuydgeest. You can also download the brochure here for more information.

Meetings in 2021

  1. Workshop: The future of the marketeer
  2. Content marketing
  3. The measurability of marketing
  4. A sustainable customer journey & digital marketing strategy
  5. Group discussion customer journey
  6. E-commerce

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