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Millennials show lots of interest in smart home products

The European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020 focuses on orientation on home improvement products and smart home products in specific. To what degree are consumers interested in the various smart home solutions that are available, what do they see as benefits and what are the barriers for purchasing these products? According to our research that was held among consumers in 11 European countries, smart products related to heating, lighting and security are the most popular. Especially among the millennial age group.

European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020 – USP Marketing Consultancy

Interest for smart solutions for gardening are limited

The smart home category in which consumers currently show the most interest is lighting with 14% of consumers that are planning to invest in smart home products within the next 12 months. This is followed by security (11%) and heating products (10%). The interest in other smart categories is lower. The interest for door communication (7%) and blinds (7%) is also present. While the interest for smart products for gardening is limited to 4% of European consumers.

 ‘Save energy’ and ‘make my life easier’ are the key drivers

In order to convince consumers to buy the products, suppliers and retailers should communicate the benefits that resonate the most with consumers. The key buying drivers for smart home products are ‘saving energy’ and ‘making life easier’. On the other hand, also barriers are seen by consumers. The financial barriers is the one that consumers are mentioning the most. Additionally, the opinion that the products are complicated to install and the help of a professional is needed, also lead to barriers for consumers to buy smart home products.

For more detailed information and results per country we refer you to the European Home Improvement Monitor Q1 2020.