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More and more installation companies offer both electrical and HVAC installation services

One of the key trends in the European installation sector is the increasing demand for total service suppliers (total/hybrid installer). Traditionally, HVAC and electrical services were offered by two different companies, but nowadays electrical installers are conducting HVAC jobs as well. Especially in Germany and Belgium, installers’ involvement in HVAC activities increases rapidly. These are some of the findings of the European Electrical Installation Monitor 2020, conducted by USP Marketing Consultancy among installers in 7 major European markets.

European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 2020 – USP Marketing Consultancy

HVAC activities by electrical installers on the rise in most countries

Based on the results of the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 2020, the differentiation between a traditional HVAC installer and the traditional electrical installer is blurring. When asked to electrical installers what specific activities they do, it becomes obvious that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) activities are gradually increasing in most countries. Currently, the United Kingdom (42%), France (39%), and Belgium (35%) show the highest shares of electrical installers doing HVAC jobs. In Germany (18%) and Poland (6%), this is the least common.

Demand for ‘smart HVAC’ solutions will drive this development further

Smart automation is the main driver for innovation in both the HVAC and electrical industries. For HVAC specifically, installers increasingly need to deal with new and more complex electrical components, which may require additional skills and training. Given that the smart automation trend is only yet taking off, it is expected that the electrical skills of HVAC installers will continue to improve.

The intermediate solution: Strong collaboration between electrical and HVAC

Upgrading the electrical skills of HVAC installers is going to take time, while the need for skilled electricians on HVAC projects is immediate. This currently drives strong cooperation between the two types of professionals; electrical installers in all countries argue that there is an increasing need to work together with HVAC installers. This increasing need is most prominent in the Netherlands (75% acknowledges this increasing need), the United Kingdom (62%), Poland (59%), and Belgium (58%). France is the exception to this rule, as only 35% of its electrical installers see an increasing need to work together with HVAC installers.

Challenge: How not to get in each other’s way?

The increased cooperation between the two professionals also brings along practical downsides; Electrical installers argue that the coordination of the workflow is becoming more challenging. Who is present at what moment to do what exactly? Both types of installers are used to doing things their way and now they are forced to make way for one another. This may require the role of the general/main contractor to slightly change; one will, even more, have to manage and plan the building projects on time.

For more detailed information, we refer you to the European Electrical Installation Monitor Q1 2020.