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Number of home improvement jobs by European consumers is on the rise

Not only has the number of home improvement jobs risen, the outlook of consumers on home improvement projects in the coming six months is rising as well. Although consumer confidence is still negative, it has improved considerably since last winter.These figures indicate an upcoming growth for the home improvement industry.

The barometer is part of the European Home Improvement Monitor, a study providing insight in the amount of home improvement jobs performed by consumers or professionals in 11 European countries. The start of 2015 indicates a good year for home improvement jobs. In January and February, relatively slow months for home improvement jobs, already 9,6% and 11,3% of European households performed one or more home improvement jobs. These were almost all interior jobs. Only 6% (in January) and 11% (In February) were exterior jobs. Almost two thirds of the jobs were Do-It-Yourself jobs, more than one third was done by professionals.

Starting 2015, we also forecast the rise or fall of European home improvement jobs for the upcoming six months. More information on this will follow later.

For more information on the European Home Improvement Monitor, please feel free to contact me directly at: hoogenboom(at)