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Online buying of DIY products

E-commerce activities from the retail market have been increasing from 7.2% to 9.4% in the past three years (European mean). The purchase of home improvement products follow that trend. In the European Home Improvement Monitor of 2016, we have investigated the online purchases in the DIY sector. The main conclusion is that the online purchases from the German home improvement products have appeared to be the highest from Europe.

An interesting aspect of the online purchase of home improvement products is the comparison between the highest and the lowest scoring countries. Germany continues to have a leading role in e-commerce, where Belgium scores the lowest in Europe regarding online DIY sales.

In Germany, 9.9% of the home improvement products is bought online. The most bought products are garden tools, and hand tools. They draw the significance of online purchases of home improvement products. Tile adhesives and sealants are the least common for online purchasing in Germany.

In Belgium, only 3,6% of the home improvement products is bought online. Power tools and HVAC have been bought the most online. Regarding the Belgian online purchases, paint and sealants appeared to be the least common to buy online in 2016.

According to previous researches, the presence of Amazon gives a boosts to online DIY purchases. Amazon has taken the leading position in the German market. The presence of Amazon in countries like Germany boosts the online purchases in general, but also for the home improvement products.

There is no presence of Amazon in Belgium, but we have noticed that DIY retailers like Gamma and online merchants as take the lead regarding the online purchases in the DIY sector in Belgium.   

All in all, the online purchases of the DIY sector in Germany and Belgium contrasts to each other. Belgium can be noticed as the lowest scoring country in that field. Germany continues having the leading position regarding the online purchase of home improvement products, due to the presence of online merchants.

The next European Home Improvement Monitor will be focused on how e-commerce is incorporated in the DIY sector. This means there will be more information about what kind of activities in the DIY sector take place.

The European Home Improvement Barometer has proven to be a reliable indicator for the amount of home improvement jobs to be done and the key trends in Europe.

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