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Online buying of professional painters starts to take off

The share of professional painters that has ever bought a painting related product online for professional purposes is the highest in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. This share is lower in other countries like Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. This is one of the results of the Painter Insight Monitor 2018 of USP Marketing Consultancy. In this research 2,000 professional painters in eight countries were asked about the importance of the Internet to their business and their professional online behaviour, like online orientation and buying.

General image

While the majority of professional painters in all eight countries has never bought any painting related product online, there are clear differences between countries. Painters in the United Kingdom (35%), the Netherlands (25%) and Germany (24%) are most often acquainted with online buying, while in France and Italy only 5% of the professional painters have ever bought a product online. Obviously online buying in France and Italy has not really taken off yet. An increase of online buying is expected due to multiple developments in the market, like digitalisation, the openness to buy online, the investments in online operations, the influence of pure online players like Amazon and many more.

The Amazon-effect

The fact that two of the three countries where online buying is most common include U.K. and Germany, is partly due to the ‘Amazon-effect,  as Amazon has had a strong online presence for quite some time now. This affects the behaviour of consumers and professionals in such a way that they are more open towards ordering online. Tapes and lacquers have been bought the most online in Germany. Power tools like sanding machines and dust extractors are the most bought products online in the UK.

Relatively high share of online buying in the Netherlands and Poland

Compared to other countries, also Dutch and Polish professional painters have already had experience with buying products online (21%). This stands out because Amazon is less active in this market, but there is still a relatively high share of professional painters that have ever bought a product online. Zooming in on the products that have been bought online in Poland, it is interesting to see that power tools like sanding machines and paint sprayers have been bought online the most. Around one third has purchased a sanding machine and around 10% purchased a paint sprayer online last year.  This is in line with results about other researches among consumers and professionals in Poland, because in general they are more open towards online buying.


Online buying is most common in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. In other researches among various target groups, it already seems that consumers and professionals are more open towards online buying in these countries. This is also the case for the professional painters in Europe. An increase of online buying is expected in the next decade due to the fact that many professional painters will retire and that younger professional painters are more open towards buying online. This flow will have its effects in the future online buying behaviour of professional painters.