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Only 1/5 of all digital newsletters of manufactures are read by German architects

Digital newsletters are generally a tool often used by marketers to keep their target groups informed with a relatively low investment.

Digital newsletters are generally a tool often used by marketers to keep their target groups informed with a relatively low investment. Enough has already been written about the effectiveness (or decline of it) of digital newsletters in general.

However, not much information can be found on the media consumption of architects. That’s why we measure this in the European architectural barometer every other year (research by phone amongst 1,600 European architects quarterly in Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, France, Italy and Spain). I have included some of the results for Germany in the image above.

One figure that stands out is the low percentage of German architects who actually read the newsletters they have received. About 1/5 of all newsletters received are read. They typically receive 11,5 newsletters per week. This is the lowest of all 8 countries measured in the European architectural barometer. In fact, German architects read the least information provided directly by manufactures of all the countries measured (magazines, newsletters, brochures). They to tend to receive the most brochures, but they are not that well read. In Spain, Italy and Poland information provided directly from the manufacturer is read the most. The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and France are somewhere in between. The highest percentage of newsletters read is by the Spanish architects (44%). 

German architects tend to visit tradeshows more or less in line with the architects in the other countries, roughly 1,5 times per year. Most visited tradeshow is not surprisingly the BAU trade show (mentioned as BAU and BAU Messe). In Spain, architects tend to visit the least amount of tradeshows with an average of 0.8 per year, followed by the UK with 1.1 per year. Most visited in the UK is the ECO Build show. Dutch and Italian architects visit the most tradeshows, on average 1.9 tradeshows per year. What is interesting though is that only 19% of German architects are expecting not to visit any tradeshow this year, which is the lowest of all countries.

German architects tend to visit supplier events just a little bit more than the European average (1,9 vs 1,78). The highest attendance is by Italian architects with 2,4 supplier events visited per year.

The amount of professional magazines read by German architects is more or less in line with the rest of Europe with 2 professional magazines which are read more than 10 minutes. Detail is read the most.

Following these figures one could state that the German architects read the least information supplied by manufactures compared to other European countries. Especially when it comes to digital newsletters. In the full report we also provide information on how architects go about collecting information they need. German architects do tend to look on websites of manufacturers than in the other European countries.

These and many other results and trends of the developments of the European construction market can be found in the European Architectural Barometer, an international market research conducted among 1,600 architects in Europe.

This study is conducted in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland by Arch-Vision four times a year. The research covers the developments of architectural turnover, order volumes and the impact of the crisis. Besides these economic statistics, a specific topic is highlighted each quarter. The topic in Q1 2016 was “Decision Making Unit (DMU), orientation and media orientation

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